3-Hour Training

How to be successful in Politics?

Learn the Right Plan to...​

Succeed in Politics & Win Elections


English (you can ask doubts in Hindi)


3 Hours (with Q&A Session)


Politics Coach


S M Rating 4.9/5

Amaresh Rai

Politics Coach

Founder - Election Winning Formula
Founder - Krti Consulting Private Limited
20+ Years of Experience in Political and social domains

Without a lot of money and without a political background


This action-workshop teaches you how to become a top politician.

First Hour

How will people vote me?

First Hour

How will people vote me?

Second Hour

How To Make Followers? ​

Second Hour

How To Make Followers? ​

Third Hour

How To Make Political Team? ​

Third Hour

How To Make Political Team? ​

How will your politics change?

Hold on...should you join this?

What will you get?

3 Election success mindsets that will create a high wisdom.


7 Tools for winning your election


3 Political excellence


9 Leadership secrets


TOTAL VALUE : ₹5500/-



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

We are confident that the election winning formula will give you valuable secrets and help you transform your politics. I ensure you get more in this work shop than you expect.

If after the ending of workshop you don't find enough value for some reason I promise you to refund your 100% fee. All you need to do is drop a mail at support@amareshrai.in and you will get full refund.

Amaresh Rai

What participants say?

More Participants

The Election Winning Formula has helped me a lot. This workshop by Amaresh Rai has guided me to the path of becoming an MLA. I will absolutely recommend this workshop.
Vaibhav Rathee
This program is a key to becoming a successful politician. It served my constituency. It also makes me learn many constitutional steps and day-to-day political activities.
Jatin Ahuja​
The Election Winning Formula course is a key to success. Through this course, we have gained insights into leadership, strategic actions, community service and political vision.
Sakshya Reddy​

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get joining link before the workshop.

Why the cost of this program is only 499/-?

The fees is not the value of this program. This is only to see your commitment towards your politics.

Shall I get recordings of this program?

This is a live session and we don’t share the recordings.

Who this program is for?

This program is for only those who want to become a successful politician and win the election. 

Can I attend this workshop with my friends?

For sure. It is good if you invite your like-minded friends who want to be a successful politician. Ask them also to register and join.

Will the Election Winning Formula work for any state in India?

Yes, this is good for any state in India.

I am studying right now, but I have to make my career in politics. Should I join the Election Winning Formula now?

Not now. Join only when you have decided to do active politics.

If I face any problem in registration or joining the program, what should I do?

Yes, you can join the next program by registering again.

What is your policy?

Please click the link here to see the detail policy.


Duration 3-hrs, Starts at 10AM
Date: 17th Sept 23
Language: Hindi (QnA in English also)